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nelsonchristos 3Oct2006 10:25

in our prj we need that records be displayed on the page.
It might be any number of records and there is no next or previous buttons
But is place where i am stuck is in giving the search option
the records being displayed have columns like these
doc_num, doc_date, variety, product ,qty, wt, units
so i need to give the search option based on these columns

i have two approaches at hand
1> to get the ResultSet and then populate the javabeans for that particular records and then whenever a search is made query the db and find the records

2>to get a FilteredRowSet and then whenever a query is placed instead of making a db query filter the rowset itself

the problem is i cant understand whether making searches on the rowset is faster than making db query

i am not able to figure which is the best possible solution
can anybody help me out

shabbir 3Oct2006 11:23

Re: FilteredRowSet
The best possible option is to get the db to execute the filtered query rather than have yourself loop through each result set and filter the display.

nelsonchristos 7Oct2006 09:39

Re: FilteredRowSet
hey shabbir thanks for the reply
anyways we have left the FilteredRowSet thing aside for the time being.
But a query is still there back in my mind about the intended purpose of Rowset classes.

shabbir 9Oct2006 06:24

Re: FilteredRowSet
My answer would still remain the same as to not to go for looping but query the database.

nelsonchristos 9Oct2006 11:11

Re: FilteredRowSet
ya man got your point
thanks again

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