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aallal 18Nov2008 20:56

get serial hard drive

I found the following code writing in C++ on forum.sysinternals.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=6643&PN=2, it can get the serial number on a hard drive, but I got problem to compile under MS VS 6, I have serveral unknow varaiables like "error C2065: 'VOLUME_DISK_EXTENTS' : undeclared identifier".

I think it missing files ". h" to include in program !

Thanks in advancve for your help .


shabbir 18Nov2008 20:59

Re: get serial hard drive
No. You are probably using the old compiler or linking does not seem to be working. Define them as your own by taking the values and that should be fine for MACROS but if its some function then probably you need to look at other things.

aallal 18Nov2008 21:06

Re: get serial hard drive
I do not understand you very well, I am a developer Delphi, I do not know well the C ++ and MS VS.

shabbir 18Nov2008 21:49

Re: get serial hard drive
Just Hit F12 on the macro and see what happens. If its defined and then also getting the error then define it yourself from here

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