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usman 16Nov2008 11:17

want to make a GTA like Game?
Hello brothers and sisters:

i am usman ahmad. i am from Pakistan. and reading in University of Sargodha in IT department.
i am doing BS honor in computer science and in 5th semester. i want to make our final project as a 3d game like GTA vice city. so what you people think about it?
i am thinking for using C# with directX. what you people suggest?

shabbir 16Nov2008 12:54

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
You posted this as a Game programming article and I moved it to the forum for discussion

neo_vi 16Nov2008 14:14

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
pretty tough idea mate. always remember that these games are not written by a single person. It needs a team operation atleast of 20 members. So plan accordingly. C# with directx is a good option.

usman 16Nov2008 15:10

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
yeah of course i have 5 to 7 members group. 3 are good programmers of C++ as well as C#. but not touched DirectX. i also require some 3d professional. i hope that one of us will be devoted to this field.

what about the XNA game studio? Have any one used it before?

neo_vi 17Nov2008 13:23

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
nope, i haven't heard of XNA game studio. Even if U have enough number of programmers u shud consider the timeline too. for 3D pro u can hire a freelancer.

cpulocksmith 17Nov2008 14:01

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
this may not be useful for you but, if you do decide to make this GTA like game i would vary much like it if you could send me a copy or provide me with a place in witch i could download it.

migmoto007 12Sep2010 07:47

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
anyway... how would you be able to put the game together.

usman 12Sep2010 22:53

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
yeah thats not as difficlut as to make those parts. XNA Game Studio provides you to assemble everything at a place. you can import .x files which relate to directX files and it can be used in game.

migmoto007 19Sep2010 04:06

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
lol your using XNA studio wow that must be difficult i made one like tetris hahahahaha thats hot complicated it is for me even tho i know C# and vb 2010

usman 19Sep2010 14:29

Re: want to make a GTA like Game?
@migmoto007 can you imagine that mario game has acheived 7 world records in gaming? and have you played mario? thats like a child's stuff. things doesn't matter much so in the same way tools and studio doesn't matter much. matter is the hard work and devotion. why not you can make a big game in C# and xna studio? i had made a terrain and take a man and ran him on that terrain from my key pad just to check out that it works or not. i think to make game in C++ with old game engines is much much more difficult bro. have you ever developed win32 apps in C++? you have to control handles and blah blah there is no such things in C# a very high level language. yet an issue that it may be a little slow. thats the only issue. not hot complicated or cold complicated. haha

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