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Neverdiez 11Nov2008 13:53

Help - Blocking internet access
Hi People

We have a router in our office that we get our internet from.
We use the routers dhcp to get our IP's. We dont have a domain, its just a normal workgroup. The guys are abusing the internet. Can anybody give me any tip of blocking out the internet and only use it for our mail. The company does not want to buy licenses so im forced to look for open sourced software.

Basically I just want to control internet access and leave mail open through a workgroup.

Please help !!!

neo_vi 11Nov2008 15:09

Re: Help - Blocking internet access
give everyone a limited account in their systems, so that they cannot do anything with the net.

Neverdiez 11Nov2008 19:37

Re: Help - Blocking internet access
I cant, they have their own laptops.

xpi0t0s 11Nov2008 20:19

Re: Help - Blocking internet access
Do they need internet access for their jobs? If not then just block all access completely.

If they do then abuse of the internet should be treated as abuse of any other company resource and the people taken through the disciplinary procedures. There's not a lot else you can do. You could look into why they're abusing the net access; are they bored; would they slack off in other ways if they were denied the internet; are you really sure they're abusing it and not just taking normal breaks? People can't work for 8 hours flat out; we all need periodic breaks and if someone's using it for, say, 30min/day and achieving/exceeding all their goals, then I'd say they're using net access for downtime and overall benefitting the company.

For mail just run a corporate mail server. That won't give them access to the internet.

Neverdiez 11Nov2008 21:39

Re: Help - Blocking internet access
Yeah, but we don't wanna get the guys in trouble at the same time unless forced to.

Have you played around with Clark connect?

neo_vi 12Nov2008 10:44

Re: Help - Blocking internet access
he's right.

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