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eProperty 9Nov2008 19:01

PHP Website Site Making Software
Hi guyz,

Which software is best for making a php website and specially for Real Estate Applications.

pete_bisby 19Nov2008 01:04

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
You can use any old text editor to make a PHP website - PHP scripting files are simply text files.

As far as "Real Estate" is concerned, being able to store photos/images and text against these images is more like a Content Management System (CMS). There are plenty of PHP-based CMS applications out there that can be used - just pick one that you can work with easily.

However, I would strongly suggest you get the client's requirements for the application before diving into the huge world of CMS building applications - it may be the case that any of the CMS out there will not be enough to cover all of the requirements. Real Estate may also involve sales (invoicing), market analysis, map plotting/GIS capabilities .... quite a lot for any single CMS out there!

Understand the business needs of the client first and, most importantly, plan. It would be an exciting project to manage and work on - good luck !!

eProperty 19Nov2008 17:56

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
Dear pete pisby,

Thank you for your suggestions. I am using Joomla as CMS. But it do not meet most of my requirements. Or need to customize it from a qualified web developer. I myself dont have much knowledge about the web development. My qualification is Business Administration.

I am also looking for a some reliable hosting company. I am using Godaddy shared hosting plan but not satisfiy with it.

pete_bisby 19Nov2008 18:34

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
We have used UK2Net on quite a few occasions and had no problems with them - we do, however, go for the Dedicated Server option and perform our own administration of the servers. It really does depend on the project's budget - if you're after a full managed solution, then you can't go wrong with Rackspace - first class in every department !!

It does seem you are after a customized application, and not just a simple CMS. Try and have a look at bespoke applications specifically for estate agents - there are a few out there if you do a search.

If you are looking for a developer, make sure that the person understands the business domain and is not just simply a "coder". And make sure they are reliable !!

eProperty 19Nov2008 19:02

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
let me check this one. I have contact with Rackspace, they are really excelent. But they are expensive for me. Their basic package start from 400 to 500 pounds per month. Cannot spent this much on my Real Estate Business. In Lahore Pakistan, earning is not much via online to justify this much expense.

I have an example site zameen.com can you guide which platform is used in this site. I want to develop a portal like this. It is very easy to use.

pete_bisby 19Nov2008 20:02

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
Have a look at the following link, to see the extensions available for Joomla:

These are extensions other software places have created for others to use, but you will have to pay for them. But it would probably work out cheaper than you spending time trying to design something, or getting a developer in to create the bespoke application.

eProperty 20Nov2008 17:40

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
Thank you for your help. I have seen all these. But our need is not to display the home. Here we trade with plots or you can say open land but in a developed society. Plot or land Sizes are generaly 4500 sq feet, 2250 sq feet, 1125 sq feet etc.

Have you visited zameen.com site. It is very easy and usefull. Please visit it. I think it is designed simply with a PHP software. Thats what I am looking for. I have browse UK2Net and selected thier Business Package. I think that is suitable for me. But if it is shared how many visitors can stay at a time on site. I think in shared hosting there is a problem when there are many visitors on site pages start getting expired.

pete_bisby 20Nov2008 21:03

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
PHP is used on the website you specified, but it doesn't necessarily mean that PHP software was used to to create it. Like I said in my first repsonse, you can type PHP up with a text editor.

Now depending on your business package you can get a dedicated server - you wont be sharing your hosting with anybody. Depending on the number of hits to the website (or intend to get) you may need to do some performance tweaking with Apache and the server itself, or if this isn't enough, find a load-balancing solution - but you're going to need more servers.

eProperty 25Nov2008 17:16

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
Thank for your help. I think I need to hire a qualified developer for site development.

baigarman36 3Nov2010 13:09

Re: PHP Website Site Making Software
Uhh...It's "Toatally Free" after you purchase it for $250 or you can rent it for $7.99 a month.
There's a 30 day trial period that's free, but the movies have a watermark across the screen.

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