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cpulocksmith 9Nov2008 13:22

hacking lan,
i need to know how to gain the ability to browse and copy files off a computer that is rigged up in lan with me. i can probably get the guy to put stuff like batch files and such on said computer. and i can simple run a scan on my how network to find his ip i am fairly sure, although last time i did that i dont think his computer came up on my scan. we had 4 computers all rigged up in lan and we were playing quake 3.(great game) and i ran a scan and i picked up

(XXX.XXX.XXX.104) jim
(XXX.XXX.XXX.106) joe
(XXX.XXX.XXX.102) me

and we will say my friend i want to target's name is bill. well that is what came up. i know he is using vista. (home i think.) and he was connected. the scanner i was using was "Advanced IP scanner v1.5" , and "zenmap" to get a better look.

sadly that is about all the info i can provide. oh also i think i know his username and pasword, unless he changed them but knowing him i dont think he has. if you need more info just post what you need and i will try to provid it as needed.

neo_vi 10Nov2008 12:56

Re: hacking lan,
Is it ethernet lan or wireless lan. U can ver well use cain & abel for this purpose. wat do u want with the victim's system.

cpulocksmith 11Nov2008 10:37

Re: hacking lan,
well master neo, i was wireless on my laptop, so was say jim. we'll say joe and bill were wired up in lan to my router, the same one i was wirelessly linked to same with jim. so pretty mush the important part is i was wireless he was in lan. but i could be in lan also if that would help. i would like not to be up it can happen, if it must.

neo_vi 11Nov2008 12:42

Re: hacking lan,
if it is the case u can use any remote login software so as to gain access to his files.

cpulocksmith 12Nov2008 09:12

Re: hacking lan,
can you suggest anything?

neo_vi 12Nov2008 10:41

Re: hacking lan,
I'm not much familiar with that. but how about turkojan. With that u can access i hope.

cpulocksmith 12Nov2008 11:11

Re: hacking lan,
thanks. ill check it out.

neo_vi 12Nov2008 11:17

Re: hacking lan,
there is a tutorial written by immortal in this site. Have a look at it.

cpulocksmith 12Nov2008 11:22

Re: hacking lan,
i am guessing i have to pay for such a peace of soft ware hu.

reddyschintu 12Nov2008 17:33

Re: hacking lan,
instead if u want to access with permission u can use many remote desktop software

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