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Rafaa 30Sep2006 04:33

beginner needs help !
I want to begin to learn devlopping web sites and don't know whitch language to learn first and also whitch software should I use, can you please help ?
more questions will come later : )

shabbir 30Sep2006 05:58

Re: beginner needs help !
Welcome to Go4Expert.

I would vote for PHP to start with. For resources see the first thread in the forum. Begining with PHP

zerofill 7Oct2006 14:16

Re: beginner needs help !
Can i recommend you grab a zend tutorial book on php, because from what I have read so far throughout all the other books, zend tutorial book is by far the simplest and it teaches you all the basics to the advance in easy steps and explaining every piece of code they show you. It is worth the money to be invested in.

You might also want to grab XAMPP from apachefriends.org to run php & mysql on your own pc for faster development. You might want to start coding on php5 as it is much faster.

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