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matrix003 5Nov2008 01:17

i need to help me somebody for making a code in assembly land or c lang on 8051 microcontroller for serial communication that it should increment and decrement for 1 and 10 and it should clear the stack and turn in previously state. the values should be given from keyboard by hex values...

xpi0t0s 5Nov2008 04:20

Re: help
Could you restate the problem more clearly please? That hardly makes any sense. Which language do you prefer - C or assembly?
What keyboard? In fact, what hardware are you using? Is it an embedded system of some kind, or a software emulator, or something else?

matrix003 5Nov2008 15:13

Re: help
i`ve said i need a code because it is my exam.It should be in assembly language or C (important one of them) for 8051 microcontroller.
the exam is that the code should increment and decrement (+1 and -1) the 7- seg display of developed motherboard and increment and decrement (+10 and -10) and alos should clear registers(stack) on previous state (if the state was on 7 seg display 0000 it should be so).
i just need a source code...

matrix003 5Nov2008 15:23

Re: help
I mean after executing a code on hex by ASSEM or KEIL it should increment +1 (e.g. 0000,0001,0002,0003,...) decremnt -1 (0019,0018,0017....),increment +10 (0001,0010,0020,0030,0040...) decrement -10 (0040,0030,0020,0010...) and clear it turn it to previous state (if a inciallization state was 0000 then it should clear registers and turn to this state).
a communication between pc and motherboard is serial communication (RS232) DATA CABLE.
increment and decrement on 7 seg display should be inicialized from 5 keys on keyboard ( e.g. CTRL +1,ALT -1,TAB +10,SHIFT -10 AND DEL clear and previous state)

xpi0t0s 5Nov2008 15:57

Re: help
When you say it's for an exam, is that an exam that tests YOUR ability to write code?

It sounds like you're using specialised hardware, so only someone with that hardware will be able to provide code that works. Have you tried asking your tutor for the code?

matrix003 6Nov2008 13:42

Re: help
yes it is exam to test my ability to write code. And Im using specialized hardware and it is MIKROELEKTRONIKA -DEVELOPMENT TOOLS WITH 8051 MICROCONTROLLER, You can log on website :[http://www.mikroe.com/en/tools/easy8051a/[U]] there you can see more details ..

xpi0t0s 6Nov2008 18:08

Re: help
OK, well I don't have this hardware, and I can't get the 8051a kit anyway because it's out of stock.
Looks like it's been superseded by http://www.mikroe.com/en/offer/8051/easystart1/

If you get me this kit, I'll give you the code you want. $360 isn't unreasonable for a few hours' work, done by a professional developer and more or less guaranteed to get you the pass you want.
When is the code due? I'll need at least a week after receiving the hardware.

I can't guarantee it'll work on the 8051a of course, you'll have to make any changes necessary.
I also can't guarantee that your professor won't suspect cheating.

matrix003 6Nov2008 18:40

Re: help
no thanlks..and im sorry for takin a time.

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