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neo_vi 4Nov2008 10:37

Securing your computer


NOTE: If you re connected to the internet then you must read this.
Hackers finds a new way everyday to break into computers and virus making. Many binded viruses are uploaded in the net as if it is a original file from a trusted source.
So how to protect yourself from these. Below are some basic tips to protect your computer.

1. Firewall

Firewall is a program that filters the network data and decides whether to allow it in or not. A good firewall filters any outsider attack or will ask you to take a decision. Black ice defender is good. Many are available in the net. You can use anyone of your choice. If you re more concerned about your network or computer install 2 firewalls. Just an additional protection.

2. Antivirus + anti-spyware

The second thing to protect your system is to install a good antivirus and anti spyware.
Whenever you start your browser if you re directed to any other page, or if any dialog box appears and gives an alert "Your system is affected by virus, Please download a copy of our powerful antivirus program from the site below". Then you re affected with spyware/adware.
Nowadays the probability of your system being affected by spyware is more than affected by a virus. Cos many sites automatically releases a trojan/spyware when you just visit that site. You dont need to download anything. Mostly the trojans are prelevant in porn sites and crack sites. So be careful when you re visiting those sites.
Most of the keygenz and cracks are packed with trojans. The best way to get rid of those is,

For keygen

Step 1: download the keygen
Step 2: open notepad or any text editor
Step 3: using the keygen generate 4 or 5 keys and copy it to the notepad file & save it.
Step 4: If you think u'll need that keygen in future, archive it and protect it with a password. if you don't need the keygen jus delete it.

For cracks

Step 1: patch the program
Step 2: Archive it and protect it with a password
If you do so, it can't open and execute itself.

Regarding anti virus, you can't definitely say that this is the best antivirus program. Cos every one lacks some features.
In avast the scan time is based on file size. If you scan a video file of size 1 GB the damn program scans it for an hour and says that "no virus found"

Kaspersky is better among all. But in some systems it makes the OS unstable. But it monitors the network traffic and intrusion prevention.
I recommend kaspersky or Avira Anti vir.
Mostly antivirus programs are inbuilt with anti spyware.
But its recommended to install an Anti spyware software.
Ad-aware, spybot search and destroy, spyware terminator are good programs.
Scan your system regualarly or schedule automatic scan.
NOTE: Every antivirus software will have a loop hole. So its better to update them regularly, so that it can give best protection.

3. Update security patches for the OS

If you own a genuine OS you can enable the Automatic updates. That will give you the latest security updates to your system.

4. Bandwidth monitor

If you re in a limited usage plan you should be concerned about your usage. If your system is affected with trojans, it'll send data to some remote computer. So you should monitor the bandwidth.
Band width meter is a good program that monitors the traffic of upload and download.
When you don't use the net always disconnect the modem.

NoTE: With these tools you can make your system 99% secured.
Even if you re protected with anti virus and firewall there is 1% probability of intrusion.
Its better to keep your valuable data such as credit card and bank accounts in an encrypted drive/folder. There are many tools for achieving this.

happyz 22Nov2008 19:42

Re: Securing your computer
ya one need a good anti-virus and firewall to secure the system

NDL 28Nov2008 16:22

Re: Securing your computer
lol it will always to get away from hackers bro...what we can do best is be alert as much as we can

ruby20 4Dec2008 12:31

Re: Securing your computer
well i dunno i have always deal with best anti viruses but gettin stuck in hanging of PC n all..get me the appropriate solution fr it if anyone gt to kno...

shabbir 4Dec2008 14:47

Re: Securing your computer
Nominated for article of the month for November 2008

TriG0rZ 4Dec2008 16:18

Re: Securing your computer
nice info thanks man

neo_vi 5Dec2008 12:18

Re: Securing your computer
thanks for the comment trig0rz

Tartarus 6Dec2008 09:31

Re: Securing your computer
Well found Kaspersky Internet security2 be the best!!!
Does everthing except surf the net for u:D...

"Celer - Silens - Mortalis"

dreams 7Dec2008 08:27

Re: Securing your computer
Good and very helpful article.keep it on........

shabbir 20Dec2008 21:54

Re: Securing your computer
Vote for this article of the month for November 2008

NDL 6Jan2009 16:09

Re: Securing your computer

Originally Posted by Tartarus (Post 39954)
Well found Kaspersky Internet security2 be the best!!!
Does everthing except surf the net for u:D...

"Celer - Silens - Mortalis"

ya that the best for me too

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