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LiGhThAcKeR45 4Nov2008 10:26

Hello to all
Hi i am new to this and i am learning how to program and write script so if anyone can help me out on how to gain more knowledge it would be much appreciated

shabbir 4Nov2008 14:01

Re: Hello to all
Hi and welcome to the forum

neo_vi 4Nov2008 17:55

Re: Hello to all
u want to write wat type of script.

LiGhThAcKeR45 5Nov2008 01:39

Re: Hello to all
i really dont know yet i would like to know how to do some pretty cool stuff
i have just seen some videos on youtube on how to do some stuff with cmd
and if you have any suggestions on what time of script is the best to write can you help me know

neo_vi 5Nov2008 13:51

Re: Hello to all
it depends on ur interest. If u wanna damage any one's system u can write a virus script.

LiGhThAcKeR45 6Nov2008 01:02

Re: Hello to all
are they easy to write cuz i would like to know how to do virus scrips and do i have to have linxus to do it

neo_vi 6Nov2008 10:50

Re: Hello to all
viruses are not so easy to write, and u don't need linux, u can write in windows shell.

LiGhThAcKeR45 7Nov2008 08:43

Re: Hello to all
alright and what is a windows shell is it like notepad?

neo_vi 7Nov2008 19:07

Re: Hello to all
In any text editor u can write it. But it should be run be the command prompt. It'll have an extension such as .bat and .cmd

LiGhThAcKeR45 8Nov2008 01:43

Re: Hello to all
yeah i know how to do the .bat files but its the programing part i dont get do you know what i can do to like gain more knowlage in progaming

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