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Bitmatic 2Nov2008 21:34

I would really like your opinion.

I just launched http://www.codecharts.com

The concept is to have a simple clean site, that provides an amount of information, relevant to web and .NET developers, in a very accessible and clear way.

Let me know if this is the feeling you get from the site :charming:

shabbir 2Nov2008 22:05

Re: I would really like your opinion.
Here is my honest opinion.

1. You should get your font bigger for the headings.
2. Get a bit brighter header as you are giving charts and people like more colors.

Bitmatic 2Nov2008 23:38

Re: I would really like your opinion.

Originally Posted by shabbir
1. You should get your font bigger for the headings.
2. Get a bit brighter header as you are giving charts and people like more colors.

I just enlargened the heading fonts slightly. It does look better that way.
About the header i tend to agree with you. I should have a header with a little more color.

Good input. Thanks.

xpi0t0s 3Nov2008 00:36

Re: I would really like your opinion.
Well it seems like a reasonable start; once you've added the other 99.99999999999999% (probably more 9s needed) of relevant info to the site then maybe it'll be worth another visit.

But why is it ad-supported already? Most non-commercial web sites are run by people who don't want ads and who pay for the site out of their own pockets, only resorting to ads after appealing to regulars for donations and not getting enough. There's not enough of your site yet to cost more than a few quid a year in hosting charges (hint: to save cash don't use ".com", use a local address instead).

Personally it's not a site I'd bother using; everything you've got is already in Wikipedia or can easily be found by plugging the appropriate terms into Google, so rather than doing your own thing and reinventing the wheel, which at the moment seems little more than a blog, why not work with an existing documentation site to improve what they've got? And if you do want to write a blog, use a blogging site; it'll be far easier.

Plus there are inaccuracies in your comments; take your ASCII table for example "it shouldn't contain any characters lower than 0x20. Those are all special characters, and have nothing to do in a text file." Nope, sorry, you can use all 256 characters in a text file IF they are appropriate. So if you want a beep, you include 7; a vertical tab 11; if you're sending escape codes to a terminal then obviously you need escape plus whatever characters make up the command which can quite reasonably include any 8-bit value from 0-256.

Hex, decimal, binary named "the 3 main systems". Er, no. There is an infinite number of number bases (aleph-1); if there is a main one then it's decimal but that's simply because we have 10 fingers and are biased. There are three that are common in IT; they are hex, binary and octal. Octal is significant because each octal digit corresponds to three bits and in C you can use octal directly by prefixing a number with 0, e.g. int i=012; printf("%d",i); will print 10. But you are correct in saying that hex is easier to use than binary.

"Hexadecimal numbers are the perfect compromise". Nope. What do you spend most of your time writing, as a programmer? Is it hex numbers, or do you use symbols instead, such as main, printf, fgets and so on? Hex numbers are a tiny step higher than binary, but they are by no means the perfect compromise; symbolic constants are a far better representation.

The whole site comes across as rather basic; I was a lot more critical before I had a look at bitmatic.com. I'd suggest you hang the references off bitmatic.com instead, maybe bitmatic.com/codecharts, but if I were a potential customer of yours looking at codecharts.com as an example of your work I'd probably continue shopping. Don't bother with the hints and tips and opinions, it makes you come across very much as a beginner. Looking at your main site and CV I'd say codecharts.com is most likely a very poor representation of your abilities.

Bitmatic 3Nov2008 14:39

Re: I would really like your opinion.
@xpi0t0s - Thanks for taking the time to write such an in-depth review.


Originally Posted by xpi0t0s
But why is it ad-supported already?

Because i was hoping to attract som traffic and make a few bucks :)

I agree completely on your view about the ASCII values in text files. What i wrote is wrong, and i have now deleted it.

I disagree with you on your critique of the number systems section though. I know that there is an infinite number of bases, you could even do nifty things like having Pi or e as a base. I define hex, bin and dec as the three main system because they are the ones you see again and again in IT. I very very rarely see octal.

Your suggestion about doing codecharts as a "subsite" of Bitmatic is very good though. Before i started codecharts.com i was very much in doubts about doing it as a separate site, or doing it as a blog under Bitmatic.com. I am still in doubt, and with your post, now more than ever :)

Thanks again for the input.

LukaB 5Mar2009 02:28

Re: I would really like your opinion.
The site is good, simple like google which I really like.

Angela Brown488 18Mar2009 13:25

Re: I would really like your opinion.
I liked the idea of the site,
but the design is so classical in my opinion ...if you want to get more people or to make sure they keeep crawling to ur site, something attractive should be there
u can work on the multiple colored arrangement in the way u like it
And wish u more traffic:nice:

smithpeter018 25Sep2009 16:02

Re: I would really like your opinion.
nice review you proved yourself

Michal Right 21Mar2010 13:40

Re: I would really like your opinion.
Its a very impressive post in my opinion. Its completely my pleasure for comment this post.

johnny.dacu 4Aug2010 23:46

Re: I would really like your opinion.
Your layout has a rounded corners style. but your menu items are straight. Use rounded corners here too (for consistency)

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