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cpulocksmith 1Nov2008 07:22

any funny stories?
i just wanted to know if you had any funny ether computer or hacking related stories.

shabbir 1Nov2008 10:33

Re: any funny stories?
Yes I had once.

Suddenly I was not able to use my keyboard correctly and when I key in say 'A' then I started getting some random characters and so I was in College at that time and so was trying to fight against the Virus with all kinds of things I can do and then when I tried formatting with Win 98 Boot disk I found that its the problem with my keyboard 'Hardware' and I was trying to fix the hardware with the softwares l0l

:D :hurray:

cpulocksmith 12Nov2008 09:10

Re: any funny stories?
once i as sitting at my computer reading about random crap all night i must have been there for around 6 or 7 hours and it was about 6 in the morning and i fell asleep. the damn computer chair i was on wheeled out from under me and i smashed my head off the desk... im kinda dumb hu...lol

vic62 24Dec2008 22:19

Re: any funny stories?
ouch... poor you, that must have hurt XD

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