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micsom 31Oct2008 19:18

replacement needed
in Turbo we have findfirst() function which works only with DOS...
i need a function which works with new 32bit compilers

xpi0t0s 1Nov2008 05:03

Re: replacement needed
What does it do?

micsom 3Nov2008 15:41

Re: replacement needed
it searches for a file within the PWD...and updates the data structure ffblk with all the relevent info regarding the file.

xpi0t0s 3Nov2008 15:55

Re: replacement needed
FindFirstFile? Uses LPWIN32_FIND_DATA rather than ffblk though, so not a simple drop-in replacement.

micsom 3Nov2008 17:55

Re: replacement needed
hey nice 1...thanx, will work on it 2moro...

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