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x8archangelos8x 28Oct2008 02:27

Need help coding for a game please!
Hey I dont know much about coding in general, and definitely not C++ so I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me out and basically walk me through everything step by step perhaps through an instant messenger or something? Or write the code yourself if you want lol. My xfire is x8archangelos8x and my aim is x0afallenangel0x but your best bet is xfire or private messaging me on here! Thanks in advance :-)

xpi0t0s 28Oct2008 04:38

Re: Need help coding for a game please!
It could be useful to have such a conversation on the site for future learners, but it would have to be here, not done privately. First questions: what operating system are you using and what compiler? Do you have access to Visual Studio, and are you using Windows? Or do you prefer to learn on Linux?

Games worth playing are spectacularly complicated so you won't be starting with that. Even simple games are quite complex. Do you have a specific game you want to use to target your learning? We can perhaps use that as inspiration for example programs. It will need to be a text-mode game, turn-based perrhaps, and definitely not real-time.

shabbir 28Oct2008 09:56

Re: Need help coding for a game please!
Moved to game programming forum

XXxxImmortalxxXX 2Nov2008 20:50

Re: Need help coding for a game please!
well what do u need help with?

i love programing games

i think the first thing u should start out with is blitz basic its very easy and fun to use.

the coding is very easy for example


input$=("Hi whats up if ur not 18 u cant enter")
If input > 18 Then Print " Access granted"
If input < 18 then print  " Access Disallowed"
If inputer  <> Then pring " LOL ur 18 straight up lol"

I think i might have a error in that code but yeah u can tell how easy it is

by looking at the code u can tell that its asking the user if hes 18 if not the he cant go in if he is 18 then he can go in but if he =18 then itll say lol ur are 18 u can go in

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