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Lyss19 25Oct2008 23:22

question about hacking facebook.
i hacked a couple accounts on facebook but im curious to know can they find out i hacked it if i keep logging into the account? im really new to it and i dont want to get caught hacking accounts. i was just wondering if there was some way by me logging into these accounts they could get my ip or some shit?

neo_vi 26Oct2008 13:27

Re: question about hacking facebook.
Hide ur IP by using any proxies while hacking.
And tell me how u hacked into facebook.!!

xpi0t0s 26Oct2008 15:14

Re: question about hacking facebook.
Depends what you do when you hack in. If you just do "normal" stuff then Facebook admin are unlikely to notice; you'll be found out if and when the account owner logs in and finds stuff he didn't put there, although of course that depends what he finds!

Lyss19 26Oct2008 23:00

Re: question about hacking facebook.
i just did simple common sense hacking i dont even know if you can really call it that. just facebook gives out insane amounts of information on people making it so easy to get the email and hack any other services. alot people only use one email for several account they have on different sites. i simply took their email went to yahoo/hotmail or whatever site they used and put in the birthday (which shows on anyones profile) where they lived and area code (also on facebook) and answered their security question by simply doing a little bit of research. like one persons was "whats the name of your pet?" and the person of course has a picture of their pet with its name right on their facebook. so really facebook just lists way to much information. so its really easy to get peoples email and all there information on facebook. it lists everything you would need to "recover" a password for an email. once your in their email you send yourself a password reset notification from facebook and boom your in. just common sense really it gives you there email and everything that goes along with it. its just common sense really. nothing too great but it works.

kunals 27Oct2008 02:46

Re: question about hacking facebook.
well if you did that, then there isn't a way to get caught. because everything that
you are doing considered legal. i think.

xpi0t0s 27Oct2008 03:34

Re: question about hacking facebook.
Nope, being easy doesn't make it legal. It's still accessing computers in a way that you're not supposed to. It's easy to open an unlocked car with the keys in and drive it off, but that's still theft.

SpOonWiZaRd 27Oct2008 19:51

Re: question about hacking facebook.
They wont caught you that easily it is, but very creative thinking there.

jerbear15 18Jan2009 22:45

Re: question about hacking facebook.
Doesn't work if they have a gmail account

fourthdimension 19Jan2009 19:44

Re: question about hacking facebook.
I think I'll add my two cents here. The most probable ways you'd get caught are:
a) If the users notice suspicious activity
b) If you log into many accounts in a small time frame from the same IP address.
Obviously everything you've done has been logged, but if you don't attract attention to your activities, then chances are the admins will not pay attention to them because of the large volume of logs facebook keeps.
If you used a good chain proxy (like tor) and didn't do anything stupid, you should be OK. But you also don't want to make posts like this, since if there's even a remote link from your user info here to your user info on facebook, you just moved yourself that much closer to being caught. While no one in the hacker community would call this hacking, it's still illegal and is considered hacking by the people that would prosecute you. Basically, disguise your traffic source, cover your tracks where possible, and don't draw attention to yourself. Oh, and here:
Check this out before engaging in future activities. It'll give you a good idea of what's legal and what's not.

EDIT: I just reread your post. Changing the passwords of multiple users will definitely attract attention. The facebook admins will notice multiple similar complaints coming at the same time, and if a common IP address sent the reset requests, then you've pretty much lost any hope of not being noticed. In that case, if you didn't use a proxy, well... you can try changing your IP address, assuming you have a dynamic one, but that's about all. Your ISP will have a record of your previous addresses, so if facebook decides to investigate and respond in a legal manner... hate to say it, but you could find yourself in some trouble. Email hacking could be called identity theft or impersonation, as well as hijacking the facebook accounts and logging in as the victims. That's also multiple instances of unauthorized access, among other things. If this is the case and you actually did all this from your personal computer without the protection of a proxy, then change your IP a few times, remove all traces of your activities, ask the admins to remove this post, stay quiet about it, and hope facebook has more important things to give their attention to than tracking you down. And in the future... don't let your curiosity carry you away without knowing what you're getting into.

hanleyhansen 21Jan2009 19:51

Re: question about hacking facebook.
Nicely put fourthdimension. It's one thing to perform the "hack" and it's a totally different thing to go around talking about it. The best thing you can do is keep quiet and not hack anything your not comfortable with.

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