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micsom 24Oct2008 15:08

need a proxy
in my office i cant access much sites..all are blocked..i need some proxy links..
plz provide me with some links

neo_vi 24Oct2008 15:15

Re: need a proxy

micsom 24Oct2008 15:23

Re: need a proxy
thanks..but both the links have the string proxy..it will easily be bclocked ..

give some links wich doesnt have the proxy word in the link ..


neo_vi 24Oct2008 15:46

Re: need a proxy

germanboy104 27Oct2008 21:36

Re: need a proxy
yea i pretty much gots the same problem.....if u can find out the software thats preventing u from accessing sites, u can remove it from the registry hive.......but make sure u kno the right binary key, as deleting the wrong one may permanently damage the OS and ull have 2 do a system restore.....

but ninjaproxy is a schweet proxy....and u can always go into https:// which is a secure mode of browsing

sometimes using firefox also allows u to navigate through the IE explorer firewalls.......

hope that helped

XXxxImmortalxxXX 2Nov2008 21:18

Re: need a proxy
well just make ur own proxy?

and then upload it via to some random site

neo_vi 3Nov2008 11:40

Re: need a proxy

Originally Posted by XXxxImmortalxxXX
well just make ur own proxy?

and then upload it via to some random site

how to make proxy.

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