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sdc 22Oct2008 04:26

Halo 3 Recon
Hello sorry i havnt introduced my self but ive been having some problems with xbox.com

As you know most of the people who get hacked on Halo are from REcon reasons.... Just recently my little brother( 11 years of age) put my windows live info on this site that looks similar to xbox.com when you sign in with your live Id "H3ReconArmor.t35.com" it then says that you cant log in or something like that... I talked to Xbox on the phone for 3 hours and they couldnt do anything about it but said they are going to do a further investigation... When you sign in on your other account on your xbox 360 a message appears from your hacked account saying "M2af this is a legit message go to this site and download your free recon! i am downloading mine right now! " ( didnt have time to post exact message) My account that go Hacked is called "DoM a NadeD" I am Willing to Give out 1600 Microsoft Points or 1 Month Memberships for the person who helps me get it back... My main account that i use on Halo 3 is "I sDc I" Please post very soon or message me on xbox 360 if you are willing to help me out..... Note* do not put your info on that website.

sdc 23Oct2008 05:42

Re: Halo 3 Recon
Please People i Really Need Help.... i even tried to reset pw on Windows Live ID but he changed the Email linking to my Account... I really want it back....

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