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cpulocksmith 21Oct2008 11:16

a thought on chemical imbalances.
i just have a thought that really i have no idea why i thought of it but i have nothing better to do then think of random things so here it is.
you have probably herd of someone having a chemical imbalance in there brain witch causes mood swings, depression, uncontrollable fits of rage, ect, depending on the chemical that is out of balance. and also you probably know that if you get depressed or angry certain chemicals spike in you head. such as dopamine in the case of depression or adrenalin and testosterone in the case of anger. they claim that people are ether born with these permanent "imbalances" or develop them in the course of there lives. but what if the only reason that they are "imbalanced" is the fact that they are simply a depressed or an angry person. and the fact that they are always in the state of anger is the reason that there is a huge imbalance of the chemical. therefor it would be the illness that causes the symptom instead of what everyone thinks. so it would be the sadness that brings about the dopamine instead of the dopamine that brings the sadness. so if this is true then the treatment for this could go in a completly different direction. instead of lifelong medicalion theropy could be issued and if caught early enough then you could cure the "imbalance" at the source and 'victims' of this condition could would be healthier and free of a consticting schedual of medications.

neo_vi 21Oct2008 13:52

Re: a thought on chemical imbalances.
u can try meditation instead of medication

cpulocksmith 22Oct2008 03:32

Re: a thought on chemical imbalances.
this is true any kind of mind altering treatment will should work if this theory is ture. for conditioning to meditation.

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