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cpulocksmith 20Oct2008 11:47

need help with port 23.
ok so i know that port 23 is fairly weak. and i know that port 23 is open on the computer i have in the other room, right now i am no my laptop and i would like to know how i can connect to that computer via port 23. could some one please at the least point me in the right direction it would be appreciated, but the more detail you can provide the better. thanks.

xpi0t0s 20Oct2008 15:02

Re: need help with port 23.
telnet is usually used on port 23.
Port 23 is no weaker than any other port.
A hacker's ability to connect to a computer on any port is dependent on software listening on that port for connections and accepting connections. Then the hacker's ability is limited by what that software allows him to do. If a port is "open", i.e. not directly blocked by a firewall, then it's still effectively closed if there is nothing listening on that port.
So if you have no telnet server running on the computer in the other room, and no other software listening on port 23, then even if you have no firewall you won't be able to connect to that computer.

cpulocksmith 21Oct2008 10:18

Re: need help with port 23.
alright so what do you think my first course of action should be? i mean to get access to the files on that computer. i just want to experiment around. right now there is nothing on it, ummm i think my mother may have put msn on it, but i reinstalled windows xp on it so everything is default. so what do you think the best way to gain access is?

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