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saddik 10Oct2008 23:41

Help to identify tables and Features

Please i need to develop or actually to propose a Database plan for a housing project, and i need some input from experienced as well as well wishers the tables an d fields to use. Find below a short sumary of the project:

1. We are consultants for a company who intend to build like 2000 housing units in like 30 geographical locations for sale to the public as well as for its staffs.
2. The houses are in form of 2/3 bedroom detached and semidetached bungalows.
3. As consultants, we require estate developers to register with us to bid for the houses they wish to construct. They will bid by submitting their prefered location of intrest as well as category. i.e. 25- 50 units, 50 - 100, 100 -500, 500 and above.


Please any help will be appreciated.

Stay blessed.

scarlet 10Oct2008 23:49

Re: Help to identify tables and Features
is your company going thru hard time?

saddik 10Oct2008 23:51

Re: Help to identify tables and Features

scarlet 10Oct2008 23:53

Re: Help to identify tables and Features
no sorry

xpi0t0s 12Oct2008 16:28

Re: Help to identify tables and Features
What have you come up with so far? I'm happy to suggest ways you can improve what you've got.

If your company's not going through a hard time then why not hire a database professional who can do the job properly?

(It's strange that it reads like a homework assignment. Also strange that it's such a simple set of requirements for something needed in a professional environment. Are you sure this isn't homework/project work?)

saddik 12Oct2008 18:49

Re: Help to identify tables and Features
Yes you were right, its actually an assignment but i was trying to use that case study wish i find very confusing.

Although i came up with a new idea this mornin and its like a Police Station type Database which will have. OFFICERS TABLE, CRIMINALS TABLES, DEPARTMENT, CRIMES TABLE, COURT TABLE. Please any further help will be appreciated.

xpi0t0s 12Oct2008 22:56

Re: Help to identify tables and Features
Well, I'll try to help (here in the forum, that's how it works, not via PM), but I'm not going to do it for you. Have a look at the sample tables that are installed with the database. I'll assume Oracle, because that's what I use on a regular basis. Have a look at the EMP table (SCOTT schema, which you can specify to be installed during the installation), DESC EMP and/or SELECT * FROM EMP. (SQL*Plus requires queries to be terminated with a ; otherwise it prompts you for another line.) Also have a look at the other tables in SCOTT; the data dictionary query SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM USER_TABLES is quite helpful.

You need to decide what information you want stored in each table, and what data type that information needs to be stored in. Text data is usually stored in VARCHAR2(n) where n is the maximum length of the column. Numeric data is stored in NUMBER type, or NUMBER(n) if you want to limit the number of decimal columns. (NUMBER is the same as NUMBER(38).) Dates are stored as DATE, timestamps as TIMESTAMP and there are others; read the SQL manual for a full list of types.

Don't worry too much about getting the syntax right at this stage (although if you can that'd be great.) Just list what information you want in a maximum of two tables and, if possible, have a guess at the data type you think might be appropriate.

Also you'll need to let us know what database software you're using. They're not all the same, so if you're not using Oracle then I'm probably limited in what I can do. However it is possible to download Oracle without paying licencing fees; I'm not qualified to advise on the precise terms but if you read the licencing agreement before downloading (and you will have to) then you'll be able to determine if it's appropriate to your needs. (I believe it's possible to use Oracle for free, in production, without paying, provided that the database doesn't exceed 1GB, and I think there are other limitations as well. That may or may not be Oracle Express; there are a variety of options to suit all budgets.)

Look here for database downloads:

and of course the documentation:

xpi0t0s 12Oct2008 22:59

Re: Help to identify tables and Features
By the way, thanks for coming clean. It's very common for people to post homework and expect it to be done for them, and when you've seen enough of them you get to know the style. I don't mind helping people who are honest.

saddik 12Oct2008 23:31

Re: Help to identify tables and Features
Thank you so much for your response. But i could hardly understand ur first paragraph.

I have even discarded my first plan and came up wit a better plan. At this stage all i need to do is to put up an UML model to submit. and my prospect is im looking at a Police database e.g a small county that has OFFICERS TABLE, UNITS, CRIMAINALS, CRIMES, COURT TABLE. It would be like each officer belongs to a unit, i.e bike patrol, traffic warden, narcotics etc.

Each criminal will have a procecuting officer, crime ID, etc, COURT will have juristiction, etc,

Hope you understand what i mean.

Now i need a complete table with attributes as well as their relationships.

Hope its much clearer now.


saddik 12Oct2008 23:33

Re: Help to identify tables and Features
Yes and its Oracle i would implement it with, Bu thats at a latter stage after my tutpr has approved the proposal and i get all the relationships and stuffs. She emphazized that i use UML modelling.

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