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moerderin 10Oct2008 04:12

Meteor Games is hiring!
Hey all,

The founders of Neopets started a new game studio: Meteor Games (meteorgames.com) and are making a new MMO called TwinSkies (twinskies.com). We were looking for a solid Network programmer to help in the development of the networking aspects of our game. Here is a link to the job description: http://meteorgames.com/jobs.php#net.

If anyone is interested in applying or getting into the game industry e-mail our HR department at jobs@meteorgames.com. Or, alternatively if you would like more information you can email me directly at: nick.thompson@meteorgames.com

Thanks for your time,
Nick Thompson

shabbir 10Oct2008 07:39

Re: Meteor Games is hiring!
Moved to Jobs forum

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