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yugkirty 21Sep2006 09:23

helloo ppl..!!!
m yugkirty n m tryin n working on improving my programming skills..!!!!

shabbir 21Sep2006 10:47

Re: helloo ppl..!!!
Welcome to G4EF. You have lots of content here to start off on the improvement of your skills and share if you have anything to share with us.

superfoopy 23Sep2006 10:05

Re: helloo ppl..!!!
I'm superfoopy. I know a little C, but that's about it. I wrote my website in HTML, with some help. I'm always looking for a way to improve my programming skills. I'd like to inquire about the ResEdit program I've heard about. I've looked for a download, but they all seem to be for mac. Can someone help me please!?

shabbir 25Sep2006 09:52

Re: helloo ppl..!!!
Do you mean ResEdit or ResHack. From the name it seems the ResHack would do your job. I may be wrong as well.

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