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kunals 9Oct2008 10:40

Number Word List
Im looking for a notepad file that has all the combinations of numbers.
it should be at least all numbers that have 4 digits, which should consist
of 10,000 numbers, but more than 4 is better :)
plz post a link to download the file.

shabbir 9Oct2008 11:07

Re: Number Word List
Moved to freelance market place as it is not related to Ethical Hacking.

oogabooga 10Oct2008 00:58

Re: Number Word List
Do you want combinations or permutations?
Do you want repeated digits?
Can you compile and run a C/C++ program?

BTW, saying that for 4-digits you would have 10000 numbers
suggests you simply want this:
which seems unlikely.

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