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zaanrider 18Nov2008 11:37

Re: Hacking a Network Computer

brajrajsingh 18Nov2008 14:54

Re: Hacking a Network Computer
Netcat is neither available in WinXP-SP2 nor in SP3

happyz 22Nov2008 19:58

Re: Hacking a Network Computer

Originally Posted by Bhullarz (Post 39115)
Moreover, when I tried to run the command "netcat" , it didn't worked as msg was it is not internet / external comand.I am using Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Agree with Bhullarz .... i also tried it same reply was their as it is not internal/external command. I am using Windows Xp SP2

marshtric 29Nov2008 23:26

Re: Hacking a Network Computer
Hackers and spammers use all the latest software security holes, worms and trojans to attack many businesses and trick Internet users into revealing their personal and financial information. These constant attacks on private and public systems have become more than just a nuisance, they’ve become an overwhelming financial burden, 10 billion dollars. Listed below are the most commonly used programs Hacker tools, Key Loggers, RAT: (Remote Administration Tool), Spyware, Spyware cookies, Trojans, and Worms from the year 2003.

pop3_zxcv 1Dec2008 13:28

Re: Hacking a Network Computer
Netcat is well known as a swiss army knife tool. Its a small exe works in windows as well as in all flavor of Linux. Netcat is normally used in a hacking as a backdoor becuse of its small size and you will find in Metaexpoits framework using netcat using as a backdoor.

Netacat wont work if the pc has anti-virus(AV) installed on it. Normally all AV detect netcat as a backdoor and delete it.

Hobbit (hobbit@avian.org) created netcat in 1995 as a feature-rich network debugging
and exploration tool. Its purpose was to be able to create just about any type of network
connection. According to Hobbit2-
Some of the features of netcat are:
· Outbound or inbound connections, TCP or UDP, to or from any ports
· Full DNS forward/reverse checking, with appropriate warnings
· Ability to use any local source port
· Ability to use any locally-configured network source address
· Built-in port-scanning capabilities, with randomizer
· Built-in loose source-routing capability
· Can read command line arguments from standard input
· Slow-send mode, one line every N seconds
· Optional ability to let another program service inbound connections

Some of the potential uses of netcat:
· Script backends
· Scanning ports and inventorying services
· Backup handlers
· File transfers
· Server testing and simulation
· Firewall testing
· Proxy gatewaying
· Network performance testing
· Address spoofing tests

shabbir 2Dec2008 17:19

Re: Hacking a Network Computer
Winner of Article of the month for October 2008

arvindsony 2Dec2008 22:08

Re: Hacking a Network Computer
thankx one

silenthill 4Dec2008 11:49

Re: Hacking a Network Computer
please the details! i cannot understandt because i am newbie. and how to hacking web admin for username and password please the details!

pleomax02 5Mar2009 00:40

Re: Hacking a Network Computer
I am on a network and i can see at least 30 people on My Network Places. But when i click on any of those PC's i get an error message.

Can you kindly describe:
1. How should i enable file sharing and share a folder without giving away my computer? Don't worr y over here the punishment for getting caught is negligible.

2.How should i make a batch file so that when i put it in that shared folder it will work like you mentioned above. I cannot exactly copy because my IP always changes whenever i disable and enable my LAN card.

3.I am not on a wireless network. My ISP provides its service through a fibre optic which connects to a ethernet switch and from that switch i am gettting my connection using a CAT5 cable. there are probably 20 more lines on that ethernet switch.

4.When i run 'control userpasswords2' i get Administrators beside my User name.

It will be helpful if you help me out with this because some one in my network did some serious damage to my PC and i had to re-format my PC to get everything back to normal. I know who that person is but i am not a programmer nor a hacker and that is why i am asking your help.

5. I am pretty sure if you help me create the batch file and if i put it in the shared folder a lot of people will click on it. So please help me.

LukaB 5Mar2009 00:57

Re: Hacking a Network Computer
This is so great, I will share this with my friends.

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