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neo_vi 7Oct2008 17:24

I came across a highly powerful trojan Subseven. I don't know how it works. I need a brief or detailed explanation about subseven.

SpOonWiZaRd 8Oct2008 12:54

Re: Subseven
You create a server program and then bind the server program with another program to cover it up. I love Subseven and Netdevil, they are both my favorite. Once the server is running on the target computer you can connect to it by the port you specified when you created the server. The rest is just by the click of a mouse. NetDevil is esier to understand and works well with windows XP subseven only works on server OS.

neo_vi 8Oct2008 16:05

Re: Subseven
will it be detected in AV's

SpOonWiZaRd 8Oct2008 18:29

Re: Subseven
Yes definitely, I wrote a tutorial on how to use subseven. Just waiting for shabbir to authorize it.

shabbir 8Oct2008 19:12

Re: Subseven

Originally Posted by SpOonWiZaRd
Yes definitely, I wrote a tutorial on how to use subseven. Just waiting for shabbir to authorize it.

The tutorial you wrote is not approved as article because of the same found - ht*p://www.geocities.com/xxvirusanonxx/SubSevenTutorial.htm

kunals 9Oct2008 10:38

Re: Subseven
one of my friends who is a master hacker, said he helped in the making to sub7.

SpOonWiZaRd 9Oct2008 11:10

Re: Subseven
I originally posted that tutorial on HBH in 2006, The small version was written by the admin of http://www.hnc3k.com (the site is now closed). I improved it a bit by giving it more detail, how it got to geocities is unclear to me, especially this one. I will write another one then to even better this one. Thank you for notifying me, I have emailed the "Author" of that tutorial.

neo_vi 9Oct2008 15:44

Re: Subseven
K mate. soon. and also about netdevil. I'm expecting those.

SpOonWiZaRd 9Oct2008 15:52

Re: Subseven
You can get netdevil at one of those sites mentioned on the sticky note, I just can't remember which one though.

neo_vi 9Oct2008 16:42

Re: Subseven
k, i'll try to google it. But when u come across that link, let me know.

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