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ottagolater 30Sep2008 09:11

Email verify
I sent up an email form for my web site. I have a .htm page that has the form. When submitted it goes to a .asp page so the user can verify their entries. When that page is submitted it returns a thank you page and then redirects back to the home page. Works great.

Only thing I am missing is input verification. If someone submits a blank page They get a error with no message.

Main verification is the email address.

Windows CDO ( CDO 2.0 or CDOSYS)

pradeep 30Sep2008 12:27

Re: Email verify
Are using JavaScript to verify email address?

ottagolater 30Sep2008 17:04

Re: Email verify
No JavaScript in the sending of the email. just html code.

pradeep 30Sep2008 17:21

Re: Email verify
Then in your server-side script put a checking for a blank value passed in the email address field.

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