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CallFaheem2 19Sep2006 14:52

Pop ups
for last 2 days when ever I connect internet I advertisement start popping up. how can I stop them.
I have run spyware program no use, antivirus no use. check the setting in the internet browser kept them to default no use.
It started immediately when I installed winamp seconds after that 32 windows popped up I uninstalled in immediately, but the pop ups are still coming throught. need help mate and if possible some reason.

shabbir 19Sep2006 15:04

Re: Pop ups
Go to Internet explorer tools menu and pop-up blockers > pop-up blocker settings and change the filter level to high.

CallFaheem2 19Sep2006 15:48

Re: Pop ups
Thanks Shabbir
That did work for a while and all of a sudden same thing.
But when you when you set the setting to high it will also block your wanted sites pop ups for example link this page from my mail.

It didn't work while posting the reply I have to stop 9 times due to pop ups

shabbir 19Sep2006 19:15

Re: Pop ups
No what you do is click on the icon in the bottom right corner and click always allow popups from ... site and that way some sites like GMail, yahoomail ... some sites slowly will be added to your list which will be alowed with the popups and no other site which has popups not at the loading time but on some click or something else.

evileye 8Jan2007 18:13

Re: Pop ups
well i have a better option for this modify the HOST file in the windows dir... I mean vhost.txt

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