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logicmanse 30Sep2008 01:51

Talentscan for PHP developers [LogicManse]
LogicManse is an ambitious, growing Multinational Web and Mobile services development firm
headquartered in Canada. We have completed 18 months of operations, developing WebApps on LAMP
and MS/.NET stacks for clients from all over the world. We are now seeking to expand our workforce with
highy motivated and smart fresher and Experienced developers, for our Development center.

Technical Expectations

LogicManse expect people who want to work with us to have the following basic
technical skills and experience:
- Basic knowledge of networking, Internet and Internet protocols (since
our workflow depends on having strong fundamentals viz the Internet)
- Strong Problem identification skills.
- Ability to read and grasp a specification document written in PLAIN
English and a little jargon.
- Break down complex problems into reducible sub-problems that can be
worked on independently
- Identify bottlenecks and research the most efficient
- Must be able to adapt quickly to new technologies and frameworks as
the company technology strategy evolves over time, to compete with
Global players in the WebApps industry.
- And MOST importantly, Must be able to use
Google/[insertFavouriteSearchEngine HERE] , to read and understand
documentation and examples online to better understand and grok the
technology we use. We almost exclusively use Mature Open Source
projects/Frameworks for all our development needs.

- Notice, that LogicManse do not explicitly ask for LAMP/other web stack
experience. Experience is always a plus; we believe firmly that a
candidate with the right attitude and a nimble mind, can be trained and
indoctrinated to work better and excel; than a coder who is set in
his/her stubborn, lazy ways.

- And lastly, if you have any technical certifications/degrees from an
accredited institution/university, feel free to bring them along; But,
degrees will only get you so far in your career. Your skills and
attitude will print your paycheques in our shop!!

Non-technical Expectations

Though our work requires a lot of excellent and hands-on technical
knowledge, that is not all that is needed to function in these roles. We
look at a LOT of other things when meeting potential colleagues and a
lot of times these non-technical considerations seriously out-weigh
technical ones:
- Excellent email & communication skills,
- An insatiable thirst for knowledge and the desire to do more wicked
things with just a browser and server-side Magic.
- Ability to work over the Internet and using Internet / web-based
workflows and applications
- Awareness of free and open source software development methods
- A desire to develop products fit for REAL people, not some imaginary
constructs of the developer's mind.
- We place a high emphasis on Productivity and performance measurement.
Needless, to say, we firmly believe that salary incentives/bonuses are
an excellent way to motivate staff to work smarter, and most importantly
enjoy your work. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!!
- Only passionate people with a zest for life and its infinite
possibilities need apply. Negative attitudes are contagious.
- Anyone who reads technology journals for leisure/in_the_bathroom is
probably our ideal candidate. Once again, Passion is King here.

To apply or to get more details, please do email us at:


We would encourage you to write a short informal email to us about your
motivation to work with us and your past work, projects and
achievements. If you include URLs pointing to your blog or participation
in Free Software projects or Any real projects (as a user or developer),
that would be very nice. We would love to be blown off our feet by work
you've already been doing!

Not just that - we would also like to know more about you as a person.
So if you have written (technical or non-technical) articles or content
for online or print publications, or you love to sing or play a musical
instrument or even know how to brew a mean pot of coffee, please do
write about that as well. We would be equally interested in knowing
about other things that drive you in life.


shabbir 30Sep2008 11:47

Re: Talentscan for PHP developers [LogicManse]
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