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mac1234mac 26Sep2008 11:22

a few questions about C++ source code

I have before my eyes source code, but I Can't understand certain parts of

1. #pragma - what does it mean, is it some directive for precompilator?.
for example: what does it mean - #pragma resource "*.dfm;" or
or #pragma package (smart_init);?.
2. what does word __fastcall mean in expression
int __fastcall ABC:SetABC() {};
3. what does expression: k = 1 << i; mean?.
4. what is the effect of running following line of text:
SignalForm->CheckBox20->Enabled = (maskIO & 0x08) ? true :
I particularly mean expression in parenthesis: (maskIO & 0x08) what
does it mean?.
Shouldn't there be applied bit conjunction operator?.

Thank You for answer.

oogabooga 26Sep2008 22:25

Re: a few questions about C++ source code
#pragma is a preprocessor directive that speaks directly to the implementation,
such as the compiler or linker, or possibly the IDE. Check your documentation.

__fastcall is a suggestion to use registers to pass arguments, if possible, instead
of using the stack.

1 << i is 1 shifted i times leftwards. It is equal to 2 to the power of i.

(maskIO & 0x08) is masking bit 3 (2 to the power of 3 is 8).
If bit 3 is set, the result is non-zero (true).

I do not know what a "bit conjunction operator" is (unless it is just &).

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