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michelle32145 22Sep2008 18:25

Paypal or Google Checkout?
My new eCommerce site will contain a shopping cart, but Iím not sure whether to go with google or paypal. Can anyone help me with the differences? I also want my product to be available in China, what kind of system do they use?

shabbir 22Sep2008 20:32

Re: Paypal or Google Checkout?
Why not both?

digitaldesperad 23Sep2008 01:28

Re: Paypal or Google Checkout?
I think that Google's service will eventually be better and more widely used than PayPal. Google will make the necessary changes to please its customers and I wouldn't be surprised if the features on Checkout supersede those of PayPal. This article seems a bit one-sided, and I think Checkout just needs time. People have a trust in Google for an unknown reason and Google plans to increase the trust of the consumer, and give PayPal a run for their money.

stephen186 26Feb2009 14:49

Re: Paypal or Google Checkout?
there are lot of issues with paypal. HOwever, i am using it only. but some people complained that paypal always favors buyer and have restricted many accounts.

Now that will be a nightmare for me, if someday i wake up and i got the message from paypal that my account is restricted.

However, one thing i can say, never leave your money with paypal. ALways withdraw it first.

shabbir 26Feb2009 16:52

Re: Paypal or Google Checkout?
Restricted Paypal is always a concern but if you discuss with them with necessary documentation you can avoid it.

robrey471 6Jun2009 20:27

Re: Paypal or Google Checkout?
Which is easily configured to your e-commerce website?

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