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machorri 17Sep2008 03:06

Windows Tricky thing
I need a guide how to make a picture on the desktop non-removable or changeable i need it to work with windows 2000 also

I will give reasons also why i need it plsssssss some one fast help me

codestorm 18Sep2008 17:11

Re: Windows Tricky thing
I guess that's not possible, you can set wallpapers using programs but I guess not permanently!

machorri 18Sep2008 18:07

Re: Windows Tricky thing
figured out 2 ways

neo_vi 29Sep2008 21:34

Re: Windows Tricky thing
wats that

machorri 29Sep2008 22:27

Re: Windows Tricky thing
i found out a way with a registry code which i didnt write myself but from some1 else and found out another way changing the settings which worls on win 2000

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