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iarepro 14Sep2008 08:55

Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
ok, so im having a slight problem
ill try and sum it up

I have pretty much daily access to a network at a certain place
There a alot of computers all running windows XP
cant tell you much ,ore bout the os, or anything of that type

They also have all the newest versions of novell client and lightspeed systems installed and running on all computers

Im aware that lightspeed is a network security type thing and is used on every system connected on a network. and the only way i know of getting past it is with an administrator login info, which is kinda hard 4 me to get...

I have access to one computer daily, and could get on different ones if the need arises
On my computer i have a remote desktop program installed aswell as a keylogger
so i can access the computer at any time i feel its necessary

I was wondering if there was any type of help i could get in hacking the network or administrator information on both novell and lightspeed

also, is there a way to possibly crash the lightspeed server?

thanks for all of your help

SpOonWiZaRd 25Sep2008 12:50

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
download NetTools by Relix, there is sooo many things you can do with that tool. It even has its own IRC channel.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 25Sep2008 20:42

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
ahh yes i totally agree with spoonwizard it is VERY VERY VERY nice program i reccomend it to everyone

iarepro 27Sep2008 04:22

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
thanks alot guys

i downloaded it the computer there

another thing....me, being only 15 dont know alot about network tools and such
yet, for someone my age i know quite a bit
but, im still a little stumped
i played around with net tools a bit today, and im still utterly confused
so would any of you happen to know how to bypass the lightspeed system without a proxy
another thing id be looking at doing is shutting down the lightspeed system itself for the entire network.....any help

also, any knowledge of a virus to crash every computer on a network?

jimfix5 27Sep2008 04:47

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...

iarepro 28Sep2008 21:11

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
you got a problem jimfix?

jimfix5 29Sep2008 04:23

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
Sorry, meant no offense.

SpOonWiZaRd 29Sep2008 12:28

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
APR sniffing on the whole network will crash it. Just sniff between every computer on the network and the Gateway.

iarepro 2Oct2008 20:05

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
now the lightspeed systems is a program that moniters the entire network and blocks sites by categories, such as proxies, social networking, things like that

a few days back, im guessing that either the server went down or they temporarily disabled lightspeed....is there a way i can shutdown lightspeed systems for the entire network, or just get around it

also, viruses to crash computers??

SpOonWiZaRd 3Oct2008 14:12

Re: Novell and LightSpeed Systems help...
Try JAP to bypass lightspeed. Why Virus to crash computers?

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