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libervisco 23Aug2004 07:25

BeOS revived - by open source!
An operating system that can easily be described as the best that ever existed, BeOS was just a shot that unfortunately missed the target. Be Incorporated failed to bring this OS the glory that it deserved being forced to sell the intelectual property to Palm, as many of us probably know it.

A little background? Why was BeOS so special? It was formed by former Mac OS developers in order to create a system that would have all that Mac OS lacked at the time. That is why it always did and still does feel like a Mac. It had an advanced multithreading system and the amazing file system. It was the fastest system you'll ever taste.. It was simply amazing and also beautiful. The last breath of the original system still lives in form of the BeOS Max 5 PE which is actually the last version of BeOS released to the public for free and maintained by Max PE developers.

However, it just might not be the last line in the BeOS story. OpenBeOS project, now renamed Haiku OS is on the mission of cloning and then improving the BeOS system. It will have all that the old BeOS had and by which it was so amazing. Some of the participants of the project seem to be the former Be inc. employees who know how to do it. It therefore has the beautiful foundation to build on and develop the next best thing in the operating systems arena. The best thing of all is that it will be open source/free software, which will ensure that it will never fail like the first "incarnation" did because it will depend only by the community support and not on the business movements and circumstances.

Haiku OS is based on NewOS kernel so it's not just another Linux distro. It is a completely new and to be amazing operating system that will surely have a growing userbase, i'll be the first. It may very well compete with linux some day, in the open source universe.

So, BeOS is almost literaly getting revived by open source, maybe it was it's destiny, as the best OS ever existed, to see the light the right way, as the OS of freedom, as open source/free software.

Feel free to check it out at Haiku OS homesite and comment on it.

vishal sharma 7Sep2004 11:43

Re: BeOS revived - by open source!
i'm vishal sharma n i just want to thank ppl of ur community and all the other free software community for letting us have what is rightfully ours. Afterall knowledge cannot be closed source.
wish u luck..

libervisco 8Sep2004 01:08

Re: BeOS revived - by open source!
Thank you Vishal Sharma!

I very much appreciate your kind words.

Indeed, knowledge must be open and free.


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