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Iona 12Sep2008 21:25

Gary McKinnon
What method did Gary McKinnon use to compromise the US military?.

regards Iona

shabbir 12Sep2008 22:28

Re: Gary McKinnon
Please do not create the same thread over and over again in the wrong forum.

Also I guess you should have such threads on some military forums and not here

SpOonWiZaRd 25Sep2008 13:43

Re: Gary McKinnon
They say he used normal hacking tools found on the Internet but he has the know how of how to utilise those tools in a masterful way. He also have a very very good understanding of the Internet and its protocols. That guy is clever.

seangtz 26Sep2008 16:32

Re: Gary McKinnon
Really I'm wondering how hacking tools helps....

SpOonWiZaRd 26Sep2008 16:53

Re: Gary McKinnon
Well, you can't port scan a target computer without a port scanner, you can't sniff packets without a proper sniffer, you can't crack passwords without a password cracker, you can't break WEP keys without a wireless password cracker like Aircrack-ng, you can't inject packets into wireless networks (Like deauth attack) without Aireplay-ng, you can't scan for certain SQL or other vulnerabilities on websites and target computers without a proper vulnerability scanner, you can't crash a server without a proper flooder (if you have linux you can use the ping -f command). It's easier to spoof yourself using utilities, you can get more info of the target by using nmap's x-mas tree scan. Need I say more?

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