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cpulocksmith 9Sep2008 06:43

i think im ready...
ok i have been mulling it around in my mind and i have been doing some reading up on it, and i think im ready. i think i am ready to make the jump to linux. i have been thinking about maybe a duel boot windows vista and linux. i will be putting it on my laptop. it has 250 gb ddr and 3 gb of ram so i think it can stand the test. i just wanna know any of your input and maybe how to go about this...

neo_vi 9Sep2008 11:31

Re: i think im ready...
s. U r ready. Which distro u re goin to use?

cpulocksmith 10Sep2008 01:34

Re: i think im ready...
im not exactlly 100% sure, do you have any suggestions? if so i would be more them glad to hear them.

neo_vi 10Sep2008 11:44

Re: i think im ready...
Debian-- mainly used by developers.
If u want more user friendly environment go for Ubuntu or Suse.
The next choice is red hat/fedora core.
Then it continues.... with all other distros which are very handy like puppy, Damn small linux..
Find urs

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