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vocalstud69 9Sep2008 01:54

random quote generator program
I actually don't know much about C++, but a programmer friend of mine said that C++ would be the easiest way to do what I want. I wanted to make a small program that all it does is have a little icon in the Window's XP/Vista Taskbar that every hour randomly spits out a quote from a text file that I would make, with quotes of my own choice. I have no problem learning what I need to to do this, but I'm just wondering if C++ would be the easiest way. Thanks, and sorry if this newbie question is annoying.

oogabooga 9Sep2008 03:22

Re: random quote generator program
Generally, using C++ means also using MFC, whereas using C means using the API.
For the small project you are considering, I would use C and the API.
Exacly how do you want it to "spit out" the quote? In a window? In a message balloon?

vocalstud69 9Sep2008 04:33

Re: random quote generator program
Definitely a message balloon, which leads me to believe it would be something like C, because I don't know if a Python or Java or other program would work the same.

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