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neo_vi 6Sep2008 14:37

GRUB menu
Hi i'm bored of seeing the old GRUB menu withou colors in my debian linux. I wanna create a GRUB menu with some better graphics. How can i achieve that.

asha 22Sep2008 12:53

Re: GRUB menu
Try startupmanager package, will helps you customize your grub!

neo_vi 22Sep2008 13:00

Re: GRUB menu
where can i find the startupmanager package

SpOonWiZaRd 2Oct2008 19:11

Re: GRUB menu
this command will give you lots of grub stuff:

sudo apt-cache search grub

neo_vi 3Oct2008 12:22

Re: GRUB menu
Should i use this in console

SpOonWiZaRd 3Oct2008 13:32

Re: GRUB menu
yes, a list of packages all containing the word Grub will appear with a short description of each and once you have found the package you want then type this:

sudo apt-get install [packagename]

for multiple packages:

sudo apt-get install [package name] [package name] [package name] and so on...

all without the [ ].

If apt does not work then use yum instead of apt.

SpOonWiZaRd 3Oct2008 13:34

Re: GRUB menu
you can even type:

sudo apt-cache search cracker

or something like that and you will find a few cracking tools, like jtr, medussa and pdfcrack.

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