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ofiras 5Sep2008 19:38

Need Sql Injector
Hi everyone,
I need a Sql injector so I can use to break into accounts in any website.
I will be grateful if you can post a link to a Sql injector. I will be happy to get a good tutorial of how to do sql injections (manually), so maybe I will make my own in C# (but if there is a sql injector, I wouldn't bother doing that).
Please help,

XXxxImmortalxxXX 5Sep2008 23:15

Re: Need Sql Injector
Actually i posted a sql injection tutorial on this site. SQL injections is one of my favorite methods to do i would reccomend going to Milw0rm.com for the MOST up to date slq vunerbilites like RSQL SQl ICH IVN ARC stuff like that

ofiras 6Sep2008 00:06

Re: Need Sql Injector
Ok, thanks. I checked milw0rm.com, but I didn't find what I want - something that breaks into someone's password.
I also need a program that discovers msn passwords if there is...
Anyway, for the sql injection, how can I make a program that does it? What it should so? I need the program to break into account that I want, so I made something that can post data to a certain page and get the html. What next? Is there a list of strings that I should post and see what I get? Or do I need to do several things before it?
If your help will be good I will post my program here. I will make it user friendly (That find what and where to post by it using a little browser) :-).
Please help,

kunals 6Sep2008 05:37

Re: Need Sql Injector
about the SQL injection. a friend of mine who is a very experienced hacker.
prolly better than most of the ppl here. he told me that he don't sql inject because
most web admins know that trick and fix it. esp microsoft. so its not very useful.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 7Sep2008 00:50

Re: Need Sql Injector
Well actually Kunals your freind in this case is wrong because let me tell you why.

I have sql injected hundreds of websites each year and you state that your freind knows that the admins know this trick and fixes it? If they know this trick t hen how come there sites are still vunerable? and yet there are 100000000000 of vunerbilities into website that are considered SQL injection?

SpOonWiZaRd 8Sep2008 17:10

Re: Need Sql Injector
SQL injection is very popular for the reasons stated by immortal, SQL database is used all over the world and a SQL website will easily give you the error you need that can tell you more about the database structure...

XXxxImmortalxxXX 14Sep2008 14:35

Re: Need Sql Injector
Thanks Spoon

SpOonWiZaRd 15Sep2008 14:33

Re: Need Sql Injector

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