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bmxrider8923 7Sep2006 00:33

newbie yahoo!!
hi, im 16 years old and was wanting to get into ethical , jsut for fun like into a network and other stuff, i was wondering if some one could just show me step by step a few simple and i can go from tehre cuz i like to learn stuff myself a lot but i need sum 1 to help me get started thanks pm for my email if u'll help

shabbir 7Sep2006 06:51

Re: newbie yahoo!!
The best place to start is to read something about the subject and Ethical Hacking is a good place to begin.

Then you should be going for some implementation level and for that use hackthissite.org.

Also if you have any queries you can use our Ethical hacking forum

bmxrider8923 7Sep2006 07:06

Re: newbie yahoo!!
yeah i wanted to try hackthissite.org but its not allowing any new regestering does any1 hav any other help for me or maybe a hackthissite.org account i can use

shabbir 7Sep2006 07:28

Re: newbie yahoo!!
I have an account but I am not sure I can share that with you.

bmxrider8923 7Sep2006 07:31

Re: newbie yahoo!!
thtas fine, ill wait till teh registration is back up, in the meantime would u be able to pm me and just show me some simple beginner stuff to get me started

shabbir 7Sep2006 08:56

Re: newbie yahoo!!
I dont have anything like that to begin with.

bmxrider8923 7Sep2006 09:08

Re: newbie yahoo!!
ok thats fine, tnaks any ways for ur help

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