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seangtz 5Sep2008 14:39

Anyone checked out google Chrome yet?

shabbir 5Sep2008 15:16

Re: Chrome?
I am using it for Google and seeing some problems with the displaying of some properties and other stuff which are good in FF. Also js Popups does not seem to be working like Safari

SpOonWiZaRd 11Sep2008 19:53

Re: Chrome?
Well, that dows it then, I am definitely not going chrome yet...

digitaldesperad 24Sep2008 02:45

Re: Chrome?
It's a really clean, simple browser with a lot of nice features for general surfing. Two functions that are missing:
-Print Preview and the ability to resize print
-Ability to email a page/link

SpOonWiZaRd 25Sep2008 13:24

Re: Chrome?
Why does google change now? After all these years...

neo_vi 9Oct2008 16:06

Re: Chrome?
jus to compete with IE

shabbir 9Oct2008 16:54

Re: Chrome?
They were doing the same with FireFox

neo_vi 9Oct2008 17:33

Re: Chrome?
of course.

trinitybrown 25Oct2008 12:14

Re: Chrome?
Yes I tried it, it is fine but not as good as firefox, I feel it take some time to be popular

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