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prithish 4Sep2008 20:48

Displaying pdf in jsp
Hello Everyone,
I've created a jasper report in pdf format , and it is getting stored in the dir, can anyone tell me how to read that pdf from jsp and to display in that...cond:i cannot make the report from jsp.i have to read that from the dir(d:/reports into report.jsp)..........................Thanks

SpOonWiZaRd 11Sep2008 19:28

Re: Displaying pdf in jsp
Your post is in the Introduce yourself section so hello and welcome to G4E but I doubt that the right people will see your post here...

SpOonWiZaRd 11Sep2008 19:29

Re: Displaying pdf in jsp
Oh, my bad lol it has been moved.... I was in the wrong section. lmao.

shabbir 12Sep2008 14:06

Re: Displaying pdf in jsp
Moved. Try creating a post in the right forum for better responses.

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