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unknown888 28Aug2008 09:17

New Here from Tutorial.net.in
Hi Guys

I am new here. After launching www.tutorial.net.in, I knew it is very important to participate in forums like these.

Writing tutorials is saintly, because you share your knowledge that you have gathered by investing so much of time & money. Tutorial.net.in is our effort to recognize this and give you something back in terms of revenue.

About tutorial.net.in
Its a wiki based revenue sharing tutorial site. As for as I am aware, it is the only tutorial site that offers revenue sharing for its authors. Authors are able to protect their pages so that no on expect them can edit it.

shabbir 28Aug2008 09:20

Re: New Here from Tutorial.net.in
Hi and welcome to the forum and we do not allow self promotion in posts but you can participate in forum and have your signature for promoting your site.

unknown888 28Aug2008 09:26

Re: New Here from Tutorial.net.in
Sorry!. I will ensure such things does not happen in the future. I thought it was an essential part of introducing myself.

Thanks for letting me know.

shabbir 28Aug2008 14:09

Re: New Here from Tutorial.net.in
As an introduction its fine and thats why your post is not edited because we understand that your site is a part of your introduction. Welcome here once again

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