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ryan 2Sep2006 14:49

Google Spreadsheets

Does anybody here use Google spreadsheets which is excel on the net. i do and i think its great so what do you think?



shabbir 2Sep2006 21:37

Re: Google Spreadsheets
Yes I already use this for my sheets I need to be sharing between my home and office. First I use to mail them now I just upload them.

I have concern is where does the ads come into picture in such an application and if not how google is going to make their investors happy by it.

ryan 2Sep2006 21:39

Re: Google Spreadsheets
they could put a small horizontal one word ads at the top by the logo. This would fit into the page but would be a bit annoying.

shabbir 2Sep2006 21:56

Re: Google Spreadsheets
but they dont have it as of now.

ryan 2Sep2006 23:49

Re: Google Spreadsheets
I like i without ads and i think everybody else does to so i hope it stays like this ;-)

shabbir 3Sep2006 11:10

Re: Google Spreadsheets
I also like the layout to be without ads as much as possible and so G4EF has the minimum possible ads and not like some other forum which has more ad units here and there.

I also hope spreadsheet remains as clean as its now but If it has ads like Gmail has then also its quite neater and cleaner.

ryan 3Sep2006 14:17

Re: Google Spreadsheets
I like the ads on this site but maybe you could put the link name the same color as the text that is on the border.


shabbir 3Sep2006 19:43

Re: Google Spreadsheets
I have placed the ad links apart for a simple reason that it stands out and the user does not click it thinking its not an ad. The concept of blending into the content of the site is what I dont like.

ryan 3Sep2006 19:48

Re: Google Spreadsheets
I do like it because some people dont like site with ads that are prominent and stick out. If you merge them in you may get less clicks but some more members.

shabbir 3Sep2006 20:32

Re: Google Spreadsheets
Probably not. At least not with G4EF. We had the ads in lots of placement with lots of colour combination and now we have settled well into the groove which is best as far as new member registration is concerned as well as clicks.

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