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pardeep3dec 26Aug2008 16:13

MSHF Flexible Grid
Hi Friends,
I am using flexible grid for showing recordset . My problem is that when text length goes greater than flexible grid cell/grid then it not adjusted according to text.

Please help. I set word wrap property True but it is not work.

telkomek 19May2011 16:47

Re: MSHF Flexible Grid

Public Function AutoFitFlexGrid(ByVal flx As MSHFlexGrid, frm As Form)
Dim r As Long
Dim C As Long
Dim cell_wid As Single
Dim col_wid As Single

    For C = 0 To flx.Cols - 1
        col_wid = 0
        For r = 0 To flx.Rows - 1
            cell_wid = frm.TextWidth(flx.TextMatrix(r, C))
            If col_wid < cell_wid Then col_wid = cell_wid
        Next r
        flx.ColWidth(C) = col_wid + 150
    Next C
End Function

may help your problem...

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