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prabhat1 25Aug2008 12:37

C++ database connectivity with Oracle
hiiiii.......... Kindly help me in establishing the connectivity with oracle database using the C++, i need the link to download occi.h header file and other related librarires which is required. along with some configuration manuals required on Windows XP paltform

thanx in advance......

xpi0t0s 25Aug2008 23:21

Re: C++ database connectivity with Oracle
What version? This stuff is on the Companion disk if 10g.
Hint: use OCI, not OCCI. Or Pro*C. OCCI is....well, you'll find out if you start using it.
The open brace after createEnvironment really *is* needed, no matter how daft that sounds.

prabhat1 26Aug2008 11:56

Re: C++ database connectivity with Oracle
hiii ...... xpi0t0s.....the version i am going to start with is 9i version...........could you be plz be specific...really i need help from the scratch.......

xpi0t0s 26Aug2008 20:00

Re: C++ database connectivity with Oracle
Any particular reason for using 9i? It's two major versions out of date, and with a fairly new interface like OCCI that difference is significant. You can get the 11g stuff from here: http://www.oracle.com/technology/sof...ase/index.html
and the OCCI documentation is here:
(doc index here: http://www.oracle.com/technology/doc.../database.html )

Make sure you install the Examples disk and have a look through the OCCI sample programs and make files; there's lots of useful stuff in there.

prabhat1 27Aug2008 10:03

Re: C++ database connectivity with Oracle
:pleased: thanx a lot.........

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