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cpulocksmith 25Aug2008 03:53

need a packet sniffer
anyone know a good packet sniffer for windows. i have been looking but all the realy good ones seem to be for Linux.

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 25Aug2008 09:14

Re: need a packet sniffer

This is a windows packet sniffer. Hope it helps you in anyway

cpulocksmith 25Aug2008 11:42

Re: need a packet sniffer
thank you so much. i have been looking everywhere. this is great and all but you wouldn't happen to know about a packet injector would ya?

neo_vi 25Aug2008 13:09

Re: need a packet sniffer
try cain and abel

SpOonWiZaRd 26Aug2008 16:32

Re: need a packet sniffer
^^ very good one, Cain & Abel at http://www.oxid.it

Dopeman1992 27Aug2008 01:37

Re: need a packet sniffer
if you want a packetsniffer, for LAN i'd use cain and abel, i personally use that, but for WLAN, i'd go with kismet


btw immortal's got the right idea - out to u bruv

Dopeman1992 27Aug2008 01:39

Re: need a packet sniffer
hahaha shit i meant spoonwizard - sorry about that immotal, u got the right idea too

SpOonWiZaRd 27Aug2008 16:35

Re: need a packet sniffer
^^ what do you mean by that? But for wireless I would use Airodump-ng for linux and airodump for windows. aircrack-ng for linux comes with aireplay-ng which enables you to inject packets.

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