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sudu 1Sep2006 05:11

gcc error
I'v got a error in gcc compiling a C code. it says

expexted declaration or statement at the end of input

I cant figure what this means. and one other thing this always indecate the last line of that file.

can someone help me out in this........

shabbir 1Sep2006 06:48

Re: gcc error
You have posted your query in the Article / Source code section and I have moved it to Queries and Discussion section.

Also can you share the code which gives the above error.

coderzone 1Sep2006 06:48

Re: gcc error
Can you share the code snippets which is giving you the error so that we can look into the matter. I think its the problem with the syntax of the code.

coderzone 1Sep2006 06:48

Re: gcc error
Ohh Just missed the reply by a bit I guess.

shabbir 1Sep2006 06:49

Re: gcc error
Yes. probably in seconds.

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