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cpulocksmith 21Aug2008 16:58

help with sourse code
ok so i have stayed up all night reading about wep and wpa networks. and as of now only one thing stands in my way. i need to download some programs but they all come in .tar. and when i download then extract them they are in a source code.(so my understanding is.) who do i compile these. or do i. the program i am looking to use is aircrack.

pradeep 21Aug2008 23:52

Re: help with sourse code
How to compile them dpends on what language they are written in! You'll require the specific compiler for the language, usually compile help is included with the source code, try that out for help.

cpulocksmith 22Aug2008 11:46

Re: help with sourse code
well it is in c. and my compiler i like is bloodshed dev.

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