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cpulocksmith 21Aug2008 10:00

mmo hacking
i was just wondering about hacking an mmo. i have no idea where to start and i have search for some play that will give me some idea but yet i find nothing. i was wondering if some one could point me in the right drection.

SpOonWiZaRd 22Aug2008 17:51

Re: mmo hacking
I hope this is the type of things you mean:


I got these from google.

I hope it helps.

cpulocksmith 23Aug2008 08:02

Re: mmo hacking
ummm. well i was looking for more like a push in the right direction of maybe hacking a real mmo. all i want to know is a place to start my reading. and then i will study that area and hope it will branch out and i will read about those areas. and so on.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 24Aug2008 10:18

Re: mmo hacking
Well read the Post me and dracula and us made regardings about hacking mmos MMOS isnt a every day hackable thing.

If your on a private server for WoW then you can be a little immature script kiddie kid and download the program called WoW Emu from deathsoft.com and SAY that your hacking but ur really not.

Or you can learn how to program in LUA and learn to hack WoW private serves via that

neo_vi 25Aug2008 13:26

Re: mmo hacking
Check this

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